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We raise and breed quality Mini Rex and Rex Rabbits for show, brood, and pets


Latest news:   We have new stock!!! Decided to work with pedigreed                                 lilac and chocolates, looking for solid chocolate/otter

updated: 2/4/2017                    


                     Winter Woes or WOOHOOS!!! 


    We are a small rabbitry in infantry. We currently have 2 pedigreed Mini Rex does and one MR buck. We also have a red standard rex buck named Mr. Redd Ian Willing whom we never found a good mate for. Look for new litters from Spring until late Autumn... we are now experimenting with winter breeding/moon phases/horiscope theory!  

    Our bunnies are raised in an open outdoor environment to help keep unwanted bacteria and deadly pathogens from developing. They are not crowded in pens, nor kept in tiny wire cages with no privacy. They rest easy in our custom designed outdoor hutches, have exercise pens and munch on non treated grass weather permitting. We work with them as much as possible for easy handling. In turn most have awesome personalities, very inquisitive, make great indoor pets, easy to litter train!!! Excellent fur and body type for your 4H'ers! Starting price is $20 for purebred pet~ show quality start at $30 ~ (please add $10 if you want a full pedigree with your rabbit). Call or text to schedule a showing, must place a $5 deposit to hold. Our kits are handled from birth, properly weaned for easy transitioning, always clean and healthy. 

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  Located in Springfield, OH 45504

Clark County is the Birthplace of 4H Club in the United States 


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